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Training your new Labrador puppy.

If you want a well behaved house dog that you can take for a walk, or a hunting dog to bring home dinner, or a field trial dog for rewarding competitions with titles/ribbons. the key is training. I have added a few links to trainers that I feel are the best. I have also added tips and other training tools on this page for your help in perfecting your Labrador puppy. 

Gunnerbrae Kennels for profession Gundog training/Field Trial training: Michael Martin:


B-Young Retrievers Profession Gundog/Field training facility: Kelly Young:



For other types of training tools:

getting your puppy use to all kinds of sounds, like thunderstorms, household items:




For local obedience, training problems, biting, sit, stay, leash control:



Tips for crate training/potty training your new Labrador puppy:




Leash training tips:


Various training tips for your new Labrador puppy: