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   I AM A FOREVER LAB                    I'm not an.......                                          "until you get bored with me" Lab                "until you find a girlfriend" Lab                    "until you have a baby" Lab                        "until you move" Lab                                  "until you have no time" Lab                        "until I get old" Lab                                    I'M A FOREVER LAB                                IF YOU CAN'T GIVE ME FOREVER          THEN I'M NOT YOUR LAB                        IT'S THAT SIMPLE


Here is a list of your testimonials

Dear Karen

I am happy to report that Abbey and Roddie's pedigrees hold 55 of the 115 inductees to the National Retriever Hall of Fame.  I have been researching Labrador pedigrees for Hall of Famers for 14 years and Abbey and Roddie hold the most Hall of Famers found in my research over the years.  Karen, that is "Phenomenal".  Abbey and Roddie will produce Well-Bred, Field Quality puppies that your clients will be very proud to own.  You're an awesome breeder that pays close attention to details and that's what it takes to breed High Quality "Working" Labradors.  God Bless you and "Let It Be Labs."

Sue Christianson WyngMaster Labs

Tulsa, Oklahoma