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   I AM A FOREVER LAB                    I'm not an.......                                          "until you get bored with me" Lab                "until you find a girlfriend" Lab                    "until you have a baby" Lab                        "until you move" Lab                                  "until you have no time" Lab                        "until I get old" Lab                                    I'M A FOREVER LAB                                IF YOU CAN'T GIVE ME FOREVER          THEN I'M NOT YOUR LAB                        IT'S THAT SIMPLE

Litter 8 puppies born 6/14/15 


One Red Fox Male - SOLD

Two Yellow Males - SOLD

One Black Male - SOLD

Two Yellow Females - SOLD

Two Black Females -  SOLD 

Litter 8 puppies born 10/10/16 

One yellow female - SOLD

Four Black females- SOLD

Three Black males-  SOLD

Litter 2 puppies born 12/11/2017

One black female- SOLD

One yellow male- SOLD

5/4/18 litter-SOLD 

Next litter Fall 2019